Magnetika is a portable locator with magnetic base for outdoor applications with a high level of reliability, autonomy (in battery) and no installation cost.


MAGNETIKA is a magnetic portable locator designed for outdoor applications where a high level of robustness and reliability are required, long battery life, a versatile and functional logic and no installation costs. Simple to use, with reduced dimensions and compact shape, it has been specifically designed to guarantee, where the requirements allow it, maximum performance for the reception of GPS and GSM / GPRS signals. Thanks to the strong magnets and the good autonomy that ensures the internal rechargeable battery is suitable for different applications, such as: location and tracking of vehicles of all types (cars, trailers, containers, boats, etc.), tracking, parcel tracking shipping and more. Also ideal as a backup vehicle locator. Moreover, thanks to the GPRS channel, it is able to offer high level performance while keeping management costs low. It does not require any installation. It does not handle calls in Voice mode.


Dimensions: 102 x 47 x 45mm.

Weight: 300gr (incl. Battery)

Operating temperature: from -20 ° c to 80 ° c

Internal rechargeable and high capacity buffer battery: Li-lon 5200mAh (3.7Vdc)

Autonomy about 18 months in “deep sleep mode” (1 report with GPS position per day without ever recharging the battery)

Full charging time: 8h (approximately)

The autonomy of the device varies according to the type of programming and the climatic conditions of use. Under favorable circumstances and with a fully charged battery the device reacts with the following autonomy times:

a position every 1 O seconds> 48 hours of autonomy
a position every 15 minutes> 1 week of autonomy
a position every 30 minutes> 2 weeks of autonomy
a position every 60 minutes> 1 month of autonomy
a position every 12 hours> 12 months of autonomy
a position every 24 hours> 18 months of autonomy

in “operating mode” (GPS, GSM, GPRS and “G” sensor turned on) <65mA;
in “stand-by mode” (GPS and GPRS off, GSM and “G” sensor turned on) <26mA;
in “sleep mode” (GPS, GPRS and “G” sensor off, GSM on) <7mA
Integrated memory: 4MB Flash

Communication channels:

Simultaneous management of GSM and GPRS channels
Programming of the device via USB, SMS or GPRS
PIN code for SIM card protection
5 different contiguous numbers for managing SMS User
Sophisticated consumption management programming (separate management for both GSM and GPS modules)
Roaming management (On / Off)
Polling and History Management
Daily Timer Report
Low Battery Report
Report Awakening on movement
Magnetic device report removed
Case with strong magnets for fixing on metal surfaces
External case with IP67 protection
Integrated 66-channel MTK GPS receiver with high sensitivity
Integrated motion sensor








24 hour Operations Center – On Demand
Operations Center h24 – Alarm Management
Operating Center h24 – Active Monitor
Web service
Sim Data / GPRS

Security Services are offered and managed by DSS Security.